Why Does My Home in Midway, GA, Have Hot and Cold Spots?

Ideally, an HVAC system should distribute heated air evenly throughout your house during winter. Malfunctions or a system’s capacity can affect its ability to keep your home comfortable. Let’s discuss why some rooms in your Midway, GA, home can feel warm and comfortable while others have cold spots.

Ductwork Issues

When a heat pump system completes warming your indoor air, the blower fan blows the air into the ducts. The ducts relay this air to all the rooms in your house.

If they have any leakages or holes, some air escapes before reaching the rooms. Since less warm air is reaching your living space, some spots will remain cold.

Clogged Air Filter

An air filter protects your household from the irritations of poor indoor air quality by catching impurities circulating in the indoor air. As the contaminants continue to build up, they clog the filter, leaving only tiny openings for your indoor air to pass through.

Your HVAC system struggles to pull air through these inadequate openings. This means the system manages to heat only a portion of your indoor air. Consequently, you’ll have uneven temperatures throughout your house.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If you have a heat pump, the system uses refrigerant to absorb heat from the indoor environment and move it outside. During warmer months, the process reverses to make your house feel cooler.

If the refrigerant leaks, the amount left cannot transfer enough heat. Therefore, you’ll have some warm and cool spots in your home.

Incorrectly Sized System

Before you buy a heater, have a professional verify your home’s heating load. The heating load helps determine the system that accurately matches your temperature needs.

If you buy an oversized system, it won’t distribute temperatures evenly because it won’t complete heating cycles. An undersized system will struggle to meet the temperature needs of your whole house.

Our service technicians will take time to inspect your system and repair all the issues they spot. To enjoy comfortable temperatures in your entire home, call Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning for professional heating repair services in Midway, GA.

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