What’s Variable-Speed Air Conditioning?

A top-performing air conditioner is essential for indoor comfort in a humid subtropical climate like Savannah, GA. Are you ready for an upgrade? Here’s some terminology you need to know: variable-speed air conditioning. Choosing a model with this technically advanced feature ensures you’ll stay cool and dry indoors no matter how hot and humid it gets outside.

Variable-Speed Air Conditioning Explained

If you’ve ever waited in discomfort for the air conditioner to switch on, you understand all too well how traditional cooling systems operate. Your home must reach a specific temperature before the fan blows in cool air. Systems with variable-speed blowers eliminate those uncomfortable swings in temperature by automatically altering fan speeds to match your cooling needs. Your indoor environment stays consistently comfortable all summer long.

Energy-Efficient Performance

Variable-speed air conditioning doesn’t just keep you more comfortable than traditional systems. It saves you money too! It takes significantly less energy for the system to adjust fan speeds incrementally than to turn them on and off at full blast over and over. You enjoy a higher level of cooling comfort while holding on to more of your hard-earned dollars. It’s an investment that pays you back over the system’s service life.

Variable-Speed Compressors

Ready to maximize your savings? Look for models that have variable-speed compressor motors in addition to multi-stage blowers. Systems with this energy-stingy feature also adapt operation according to your comfort requirements. They respond to changes in temperature by varying the compressor speed, running on full power only on the hottest days of the year. Operating at a lower speed most of the time also allows the AC system to remove more moisture from the air. You save money on energy bills and stay more comfortable too.

At Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, we make it our business to supply our customers with HVAC systems that improve their quality of life. For more information about variable-speed air conditioning, explore our AC installation services or call us today.

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