Should I Replace or Repair My Heat Pump in Bluffton, GA

The last thing Bluffton, GA, homeowners want is for their heat pump to go out unexpectedly. Repairing it can be costly and time-consuming, and at some point, you’ll need a completely new heat pump. These four signs indicate that you may need to repair or replace your heat pump.

Replace: Heat Pump Requires Repairs Often

Are you finding yourself having to hire an HVAC company to repair your heat pump every other month? Installing a new heat pump may be less expensive in the long run. Add up the costs of recent and future heat pump repairs and compare them to the replacement price to see if it’s time for a replacement.

Replace: Heat Pump Is More than 10 Years Old

If your heat pump is over 10 years old, replacing it may be a good idea. Heat pumps lose efficiency after around 10 years, and older systems are prone to sudden breakdowns. Plus, many new models have advanced technology and are more energy efficient than previously possible.

Repair: Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof

An overworked heat pump can make your energy bills soar. Higher than expected energy bills usually mean that your heat pump needs a repair. When your heat pump must work longer and harder, repairing it can restore your system’s normal functionality. As a result, you’ll lower your cooling and heating costs.

Repair: Your Heat Pump Is Noisy

A faulty heat pump could cause loud noises when running. Generally, noises like grinding, rattling or screeching indicate a problem. If the problem is a failing condenser, you may need to replace it. But other issues may simply need a heat pump repair.

If you need heat pump replacement, maintenance or repair services in Bluffton, GA, contact our experts at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer comprehensive heating and cooling services so that you can maximize home comfort and energy efficiency easily.

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