How Can I Get the Most Out of My Solar Panels?

Congratulations on implementing solar into your home’s energy plan. Not only have you made an investment that will have long-term benefits on your utility bills, but you’re doing your part to decrease your carbon footprint. Now that you have your solar panels installed, you need to know how to maximize their power and get the most use out of your new energy source. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your solar panels in Savannah, GA.

Cleanliness Matters

Since your solar panels sit outside in the elements all day, they’ll inevitably get dirty. Dirt, bird droppings and other sources of dirt and dust will eventually coat your panels, decreasing their power. It’s a good idea to call in professionals at least twice a year to clean your panels to ensure they aren’t forfeiting any power.

Use Your Hours Wisely

Try to make sure that you’re charging your phone, tablet and computer and completing other high-power-usage activities during daylight hours. This ensures you’re using “free power” by using your solar panels while they continue to absorb the sun’s power.

There’s an App for That

No matter what mobile platform you use, you can find a host of apps that track how well your solar panels are performing and how much power you’re using during certain hours of the day. Being more informed about how your panels are performing and when you’re using your home’s power reserve will help you make decisions about changing your habits and making other adjustments to your power plan.

We love to help our customers become more energy efficient. Not only can we install your solar panels, but we also offer repairs, cleaning and other maintenance associated with your new power source. Call Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about our residential solar services.

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