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What Can Be Done About Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home?

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If your Savannah, GA home is like most homes, it has rooms that tend to be a bit cooler or warmer than the rest of the house. This effect can be caused by various factors such as leaky windows or poor insulation, but the temporary solution usually boils down to using a fan or portable space heater to supplement your HVAC system. However, there are several permanent solutions that will make your home consistently and uniformly comfortable.

Is Your Ductwork Up to the Task?

When was the last time your ductwork was inspected? Old ducts can develop cracks and leak air. Bugs and rodents love to chew through the insulating sleeve. Very old ducts might lack any insulation to begin with. Even worse, your ducts might not even be sized correctly for your system. If you did not replace or repair your home’s ducts the last time you replaced your HVAC system, an inspection is overdue.

Creating a Zoned HVAC System

Even new and well-insulated ducts can be improved with the addition of HVAC zoning, which provides an additional level of control over the indoor environment. Zoning essentially splits your ducts into two or more separate systems and allows you to control the temperature independently in different parts of the house. Let’s say that your bedroom is a bit too warm in the morning — zoning would let you set the temperature a few degrees cooler in the bedroom without freezing out the rest of the house.

Because of the extra equipment involved, HVAC zoning does cost more to install, but it can save you money by reducing unnecessary heating and cooling throughout the house. Depending on the thermostats installed, you’ll even be able to control the temperature in each individual room from your phone or computer.

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