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Understanding the Technology in New HVAC Systems


This is an exciting time to be a prospective owner of one of the latest models of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment that are currently on the market. Today’s HVAC technology has advanced to such a degree that the indoor comfort systems available to modern homeowners in Savannah offer more state-of-the-art options and features than heating and cooling systems have at any other time in the history of HVAC. Plus, there are even more emerging technologies on the horizon. This makes it much easier than ever before to find the system that will work best to meet your family’s home comfort needs in our humid South Georgia climate. The following information will help you better understand and apply the many advantages of today’s high-tech HVAC technology to your family’s own unique indoor comfort challenges.

Variable Speed Technology & Modern HVAC Systems

One of the most valuable features of today’s systems offer is variable speed technology. Unlike single-stage, which runs at one fixed speed, variable speed technology continuously adjusts the system’s speed depending on the conditions present inside your home at any given time. This technology allows the system to be more responsive to your family’s indoor comfort needs while avoiding the sudden blasts of hot or cold air that fixed-stage systems routinely deliver. Instead, variable speed technology is designed to keep your home more consistently warm or cool over time. This technology is available in both indoor units (air handlers) and outdoor units (compressors) — a combination that provides the ultimate mix of responsive HVAC technology.

How Variable Speed Handlers Enhance Comfort

Variable speed technology can help you address some of the challenges you may be facing in keeping your Savannah, GA home comfortable. One of these — uneven heating and cooling from room to room — is often greatly improved through the use of home zoning technology. However, variable speed air handlers and compressors — whether built into conventional AC systems, heat pumps, ducted or ductless zoned solutions — can still further enhance your family’s comfort. Variable speed systems also handle humidity control far more effectively than traditional AC systems — a real plus in our climate.

Variable Speed Handlers & Compressors Maximize Energy Efficiency

Another huge advantage of variable speed air handlers — and variable speed technology in general — is that they use less energy than conventional HVAC equipment even though they run longer than systems that turn on and off frequently. This is because they not only function at a much lower overall speed and level of heating or AC delivery but also because they keep your home at a more consistent overall temperature, which means they don’t have to ramp up the power and start from scratch to re-cool or re-warm your home after the temperature has risen above or dropped below your thermostat’s setting.

New Technology Offers More Options to Meet Your Needs

Today’s HVAC technology offers the modern Georgia homeowner more options that make it much easier to meet your family’s unique indoor comfort needs. Using a variable speed handler with a two-stage or multi-stage compressor can also offer real value and may fit your budget better than opting for fully variable speed equipment. Whether or not your family requires end-to-end variable speed AC or HVAC equipment is an individual decision that must be made by you, with guidance from a knowledgeable HVAC professional.

Variable Speed Systems Provide the Ultimate in HVAC Functionality

Variable speed systems function smoothly, effectively and quietly as they tend to their task of keeping your home at a consistently comfortable temperature throughout the day. This optimal functionality creates much less wear and tear on the system than the repeated on-and-off cycling of other, less-sophisticated technologies, helping your equipment last longer. As you can see, variable speed technology has a great deal to offer you and your family. If you have questions about this new HVAC technology and how it might benefit you, give the HVAC experts at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning a call at (912) 250-5771. We’d be happy to help you better understand your HVAC options.