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The Many Benefits of Our Performance Maintenance Club

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Many property owners believe that paying for routine HVAC maintenance is unnecessary. Unfortunately, ignoring the need for ongoing maintenance often leads to damage from excess wear and tear. When HVAC systems are not well maintained, costly HVAC repairs are common. In some cases, a complete replacement of the system is necessary. Energy Star suggests having a technician check your system at least once each year to improve indoor air quality, comfort, and efficiency. Old Coast Heating and Air Conditioning offers a Performance Maintenance Club that is designed to keep heating and cooling systems running efficiently throughout the year. Consider the benefits outlined below.

Cost Savings

Avoiding costly HVAC repairs is just one money-saving benefit of investing in a maintenance plan. When your HVAC system is routinely cleaned and lubricated, the equipment runs more efficiently. An efficient heating and cooling system uses less energy to achieve the desired temperature throughout your home. When you receive your utility bill each month, you will see one of the cost-saving benefits of maintenance reflected in your reduced bill. HVAC systems that are maintained also tend to have a longer useful life. Systems that are not properly cared for tend to become damaged beyond repair much quicker, so investing in maintenance can save you money by stretching out the life of your system. The estimated life of your system as advertised by the manufacturer is based on a system that receives routine maintenance from a professional technician, and signing up for these services increases the chances that your system will last as long as estimated. Some homeowners find that their systems last even beyond this estimate. Our Performance Maintenance Club offers a variety of benefits depending on which plan you choose. All plans include 1-2 yearly maintenance visits plus the following:

  • 15% Discount on Repair
  • Priority scheduling
  • Waive diagnostic if maintenance performed
  • Minimum of 1 year warranty on repairs
  • 24/7 emergency service

Comfort for You and Your Family

Saving money might be the most important factor when you decide whether maintenance is worth the initial investment, but it is not the only benefit to be enjoyed. Maintained heating and cooling systems run more efficiently. In fact, the United States Department of Energy reports that annual maintenance can keep air conditioners running up to 15 percent more efficiently. Improved energy efficiency reduces utility bills, but it also leads to more even heating and cooling throughout your home. If you have experienced spotty or insufficient heating and cooling in certain rooms in the past, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be to walk into a hot living room in the summer or a chilly bedroom in the winter. Maintenance plans include cleaning of your HVAC system to ensure that conditioned air is able to flow evenly through ducts in every room. The routine inspection of your system helps to pinpoint any blockages in the system to determine why air may not be flowing properly to certain zones.

Cleaner Air

If you or your family members experience frequent sore throats, colds, and coughs, the air quality in your home may be to blame. Dust and debris throughout your HVAC system could be circulating pollutants throughout your home. Poor air quality has even been linked to the development of allergies and is a trigger for asthma attacks in those with respiratory issues. As mentioned above, routine maintenance services include inspection and cleaning of your system at least once per year, most plans include 2 years maintenance visits. Every time a technician visits your home to perform maintenance, air filters and ducts will be checked to determine whether dirt has built up in the system. Replacement of air filters and system cleaning are part of these maintenance services, and the end result is cleaner air throughout your home. In other words, HVAC maintenance helps to protect the health of your family by improving indoor air quality. Regular inspections can even detect the presence of biological contaminants that could cause serious health issues including allergic reactions, asthma attacks, respiratory problems, frequent fevers, and general malaise. For more information about how routine HVAC maintenance can prevent costly repairs, check out Old Coast Heating and Air Conditioning’s Performance Maintenance Club or call 843-352-4745 in Hilton Head, SC or 912-250-5771 in Savannah, GA.