The Importance of Ductwork Balancing for Comfort

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Uneven temperatures in your Savannah, GA home could signal a problem with airflow. An unbalanced ductwork system could be the culprit. Fortunately, this is a problem that in most cases you can readily fix.

The Importance of Airflow

The story of Goldilocks illustrates the value of striking the right balance and making everything “just right”. Like Goldilocks, you want your airflow to be just right:

  • Too much airflow creates pressure which forces conditioned air out of your home through tiny structural gaps. Along with the air goes the dollars you spent heating or cooling the air.
  • Too little airflow creates a negative pressure that results in your HVAC system sucking unconditioned air from the outside into your home. Your furnace or AC unit work overtime to counteract the outside air, leading to decreased efficiency and worn-out parts.
  • Balanced airflow means the air entering and leaving each room is equal, ensuring an even distribution of conditioned air throughout your home.

Benefits of Air Balancing

Unbalanced airflow often leads to constant tinkering with the thermostat, which only intensifies the problem. Air balancing solves the issues caused by uneven airflow. Here’s how air balancing positively affects your family:

  • Enhanced comfort — no more hot or cold spots
  • Better air quality — fewer allergens and other pollutants floating around your home
  • Greater energy efficiency — no wasted energy dollars
  • Longer lifespan — less wear and tear on your equipment

HVAC Testing and Balancing

Balanced airflow relies on air ducts being in good condition, properly designed, and correctly sized. Our testing and balancing services include examining your ductwork for leaks and blockage, checking air output through each register, and checking humidity, temperature and heat gain or loss in each room.
Improved airflow means greater comfort and higher efficiency in your Savannah home. To learn more about how air duct testing and balancing improves your family’s comfort, check out the ductwork services we offer at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning or call 912-250-7903 or request service online today.