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Should I Replace My Ductwork with New HVAC Equipment?

Save money with a complete HVAC system replacement

The idea of buying a new car only to use your old car engine would seem preposterous to most people. However, many Savannah homeowners don’t give a second thought to replacing a furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump without replacing the associated air duct system. Our team at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning wants you to remember that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is just that—a complete system. Each part contributes to the whole, which means replacing your ductwork with new HVAC equipment adds to the value you gain from the new furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump.

What is an Air Duct?

An air duct system is the network of ducts, usually behind the walls of your house, that carry the heated or cooled air from your HVAC system to the rest of your Georgia home. It is a vital part of the air circulation around the rooms you use, keeping them comfortable and at the ideal temperature.

What Happens to Air Ducts Over Time?

Like all the systems in your home, air ducts age. This may result in leaks or broken connections throughout the network, which can result in a loss of energy. In fact, according to the US Department of Energy, 30 percent of your heating or cooling energy can be lost through an inefficient air duct network.

In addition, air ducts can accumulate dirt, debris, pollen, pet dander, dust, and other common allergens over time. If air ducts are not cleaned regularly, these particles can contribute to poor indoor air quality and can affect the health and well being of your family members. 

In some cases, pests can nest within the air duct system, causing additional damage and indoor air pollution.

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Replaced?

The average lifespan of air ducts is around 10 to 15 years, which correlates with the average lifespan of conventional furnaces, air conditioners, and HVAC systems. Ideally, homeowners replace the entire HVAC system, including air ducts at one time.

Replacing air ducts before significant holes or collapsing occurs can save you a great deal of money and headaches in the long run.

What Are the Benefits of Complete System Replacement?

Just as newer furnaces and air conditioners are more energy-efficient than older equipment, air ducts improve with technology as well. Their design and installation in modern homes are much improved, helping homeowners save energy and money.

When you replace your entire HVAC system at one time, each efficiency gain is multiplied through other components. For example, if you pay more for a high-efficiency furnace, you gain a variable-speed blower. Although this feature helps you save money on your heating system in the winter, using it with an antiquated air conditioning system in the summer will do nothing. However, if you upgrade your air conditioner to a high-efficiency unit at the same time, it will reap the benefits of that variable-speed blower year-round.

The same is true about your air duct network. If you invest in high-efficiency HVAC equipment but circulate your home’s air through an old, leaky ductwork network, you may end up losing the efficiencies you have gained before the conditioned air reaches the rooms of your home.

In addition, if you replace your HVAC system all at once, you will only be paying for one professional visit and may gain labor efficiencies in removal of the old equipment as well as installation of the new.

Talk to the Experts

When it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system, call our professionals to learn more about the advantages of swapping out your ductwork at the same time. Our technicians at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning in Savannah, GA, can share the latest technologies available as well as price a comprehensive package to your advantage. Call at 912-250-5771 or contact us online.