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Solar Panel Installation in Savannah GA, Hilton Head SC, and Surrounding Areas

The sun is a tremendous power source. Capturing that power through solar panels reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money on your monthly electric bills. If you want to generate energy rather than consume it, Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning is the company to call in Savannah, Jekyll Island, Brunswick, Ellabell, Pembroke and Richmond Hill, GA, Hilton Head Island, SC and the surrounding area.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar panels hold photovoltaic cells that harness sunlight and change it into energy; the energy then goes to an inverter, which changes it into electricity to power your HVAC system. The panels are often installed on the roof of your Savannah, Hilton Head, or surrounding area home, but we can also install them in another location on your home with maximum exposure to the sun. A solar system can generate power for more than 20 years.

Harnessing Solar Energy in Savannah, Hilton Head and Surrounding Area

Our area averages 214 days of sunshine a year; even in January, the sun shines 54 percent of the time. That makes solar a practical way to decrease your heating and cooling costs. By installing solar panels, you can also decrease your home’s carbon footprint by about 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Long-term, going solar will increase the value of your home if you decide to sell because the new homeowners can reap the benefits of solar without the worries of installation. Rebates and incentives are available in most areas.

Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning: Solar Energy Pros in Savannah, Hilton Head, and the Surrounding Area

To take advantage of solar power, you need solar-ready HVAC equipment. Our selection of heat pumps and air conditioners includes solar-compatible equipment. We can also modify existing systems to accept the solar panels. From there, we do several things:

  • Analyze your home’s energy efficiency
  • Evaluate your solar potential
  • Estimate your solar electricity needs

Once we obtain this information, we’ll determine how many panels you need, help you acquire any necessary permits and explain financing and tax incentives. We’ll install your solar equipment expertly and efficiently and position it so that it takes full advantage of the solar capability at your location.

Our service doesn’t stop once we’ve installed your system. We’re qualified to maintain and service solar grids, and we deliver the same outstanding customer service to our solar customers that we to do our AC and heating customers.

Installing Solar for Efficient Heating and Cooling

Since 2012, we’ve delivered reliable solar solutions to the Savannah, Jekyll Island, Brunswick, Ellabell, Pembroke and Richmond Hill, GA, Hilton Head, SC, and the surrounding area. If you’re looking to offset your utility costs, help the environment and reduce your energy dependence, call us today to see whether solar is an option for your home.

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