Furnace Service.

Here in the Savannah and Hilton Head areas, we are blessed with an abundance of great weather throughout the year. But on those days and nights when the temperatures drop, you deserve a quality home heating system that will keep your family cozy and warm.

At Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a range of reliable and energy-efficient gas furnaces and electric heat pumps that are reasonably priced and built to last. Our heating experts will take into account weather conditions, your lifestyle, and the unique layout of your home when recommending a heating system that best fits your needs.

Our company’s success is based on building a lasting relationship with every customer. We value your business at Old Coast and work hard to keep it.

What You Need to Know About Furnaces

Most furnaces in Georgia and South Carolina run on natural gas because it is widely available and tends to be the most economical choice. A well-maintained gas furnace should operate efficiently for 15 to 30 years before you need to replace it.

You can trust our NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified team of professionals to choose a furnace that takes into account the size of your home and existing air ducts, or ductwork. A properly sized furnace delivers warmth and comfort without wasting energy and overworking itself. Our professionals will calculate the square footage in your home and how well each room is insulated to determine the right-size furnace for your needs.

High-efficiency furnaces deliver warmth and save money on your heating bills. To understand your furnace efficiency, you need to know your furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. A furnace with a 95 percent AFUE rating can convert 95 percent of the energy it consumes into heat.

The higher the AFUE rating, the more money you save on energy bills. Keep in mind that maintaining your ductwork and properly sealing the windows and doors in your home are key factors in energy efficiency. If your home is poorly insulated, your furnace will struggle.

How Much Money Can a New Furnace Save You?

Our AFUE energy savings calculator can help determine how much you could save on your utility bills. Simply enter your current unit's AFUE value and compare it to a newer, more efficient system. You can even customize it to better match your home's system for a more accurate calculation.

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Furnace Installation

When it is time to think about replacing your furnace, give us a call. One of our courteous and knowledgeable heating professionals will evaluate your existing system and offer options for new installations.

We will go over zone control systems to avoid heating rooms that are barely in use. We will talk about indoor air quality and how a new system along with well-maintained ductwork will increase the comfort in your home.

What we will not do is try to oversell you or install a furnace that is the wrong size for your home. We believe in 100 percent complete customer satisfaction. We take the time to do the job right and will do everything possible to ensure your total comfort.

Furnace Repairs

A gas furnace is a powerful piece of equipment that can deliver comfort to every part of your home. If you hear a strange noise with your furnace, if it is not cycling properly, or if your utility bills are suddenly increasing, call our repair experts and we will diagnose the issue for you.

Your family safety is always a top priority, and we are available to respond immediately if you sense there is an issue with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services for your convenience and will never replace a part unless it is necessary or we can demonstrate that you will save money.

Furnace Maintenance

Whenever you invest in your HVAC system, it only makes sense to maintain it. Doing so ensures you get the maximum efficiency and service life out of your equipment. It can also keep you in compliance with its manufacturer’s warranty, should you ever need to make a claim.

At Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer Performance Club preventative maintenance plans that are tailored for your budget and lifestyle. These plans save you money and provide peace of mind, knowing your HVAC system receives the annual inspections and tune-ups it deserves.

We Are Your Furnace Experts

Do not get stuck in the cold. At Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how to keep you warm and comfortable on the coldest of days here in Savannah, GA, Hilton Head, SC, and surrounding areas. We arrive on time and guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. Call 912-250-5771 or request service online today to learn more about gas furnaces and other products designed to make your home more comfortable.


“Good same day response”
- Miller S.
Gas Furnace Maintenance

“Mr. Shepherd responded to an error code on our system .

He was extremely professional in the work than was done and kept me informed throughout the repair process .

And most importantly, we had heat when he left!!

Thank you so very much !!”

- Tina O.
Gas Furnace Repair

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