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New Technology in HVAC Systems Improves Comfort and Efficiency

Hand turning a home thermostat knob to set temperature on energy saving mode, New Technology in HVAC Systems Improves Comfort and Efficiency

The main functions of new technology are to make things easier and ensure better end results. Technology within the HVAC industry is aimed at providing optimal comfort in your Hilton Head Island, SC home while achieving energy efficiency, which in the end results in cost efficiency. Here are some technological developments in heating and cooling that improve comfort and increase energy and cost-efficiency.

Variable Speed Motors

Variable speed motors allow your HVAC unit to better control the flow of heated or cooled air through your home via a fan motor inside of the air-handler that moves at various speeds. Unlike single-speed motors, variable speed motors can dictate air-flow more precisely to heat or cool your home. These motors typically use less energy than their single-speed counterpart because you can control comfort more easily. Also, when the fan is in motion, it circulates the air in your home through the filters, improving air quality.

2-Stage Compressors

The repetitive stop-and-go or on/off of machines are notorious energy wasters. Automobiles are much more fuel-efficient on an open highway than in the stop and go traffic of the city. The same is true of your heating and cooling system. The jolt of electricity that kick-starts your AC has a higher voltage than what your system operates at. Traditional compressors only run on full blast. They cool the room down to the desired temperature and then turn off only to kick back on once the temperature rises again. Conversely, 2-stage compressors have the ability to work at both medium and high power. This system only operates on full blast on the unusual days when the heat is too much for the lower setting. Most 2-stage compressors run at low to mid-capacity about 80% of the time. This allows your air conditioner to run for longer intervals, which means less on/off action i.e., energy efficiency. Because of its dual capacities, this compressor also cools more evenly and consistently. To learn more about how technology is improving comfort and increasing efficiency, check out other Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning website pages or give us a call.