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How Your HVAC System Tells You It’s Time For a Repair

Happy family enjoying their recently maintained ac unit in their home

Your Savannah, GA HVAC system keeps you comfortable throughout the area’s summer and winter weather. When you think about it, the consistent comfort your system delivers day after day is a pretty phenomenal feat. It’s also the primary benefit that makes this marvel of modern heating and cooling technology such a valuable investment. Yet, any system, no matter how dependable it may be, is bound to experience a setback every now and then. At those times, it’s important for you to be able to recognize the signs your system sends to alert you that something is amiss. Here at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, our goal is to help you do everything you can to protect the investment you’ve made in your family’s comfort. Here are some clues that your HVAC system may need attention:

Signs of Issues Caused by Inadequate Furnace or AC Maintenance

Insufficient HVAC maintenance is one clear culprit in many a heating and air conditioning repair issue. Your system works hard to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity levels during winter and summer year after year. That’s why a semi-annual tune-up each spring and fall is so critical to the effective operation of your system. While heating and AC maintenance can be easy to ignore, it’s inevitable that problems will eventually arise if you overlook this crucial aspect of responsible HVAC system ownership long enough. The following are some common signs that your system has gone too long without a tune-up and that an HVAC repair call may be in your immediate future:

  • Steadily increasing utility bills: Reduced energy efficiency is one of the first signs of poor HVAC maintenance.
  • Dusty indoor environment: Increasingly dusty indoor air indicates a buildup of foreign matter inside the system.
  • Musty or putrid odors: This type of odor can signify the growth of undesirable organisms and alert you to potentially developing blockages in the system’s condensate drain.
  • Uneven heating or cooling: Increasing trouble keeping all parts of your home comfortable may indicate a developing issue.

Symptoms of Unavoidable Heating & Air conditioning Repair Issues

Some HVAC repair issues are difficult to avoid and may result from the age of the system and the normal wear and tear of years of use. The amount of use the system receives can also play a role. After all, no system or system component lasts forever, no matter how well-maintained the system. At various times during the useful life of your HVAC system, certain parts may wear out and need replacement. This is simply a fact of life. The good news is that if you’ve taken good care of your system by scheduling regular inspections and tune-ups, these types of AC and heating repairs should be few and far between. Some of the symptoms you should look for that might signify this type of developing issue are listed below:

  • System short cycling: Continuous on-and-off cycling of your system without adequate heating or cooling indicates a problem.
  • Inadequate airflow: Various repair issues can stem or block the vital circulation of air that your system requires to do its job.
  • Wrong temperature air: Cool air from your furnace or warm air from your AC system signify a potentially serious issue.
  • Pungent, acrid odors: A pungent, electrical odor can indicate that the insulation to your system’s wiring has burned out.
  • Highly unusual noises: High-pitched squeals, grinding, grating or scraping sounds can portend an impending system failure.

When Your HVAC System Speaks, Make Sure You Listen

As indicated in the sections above, your HVAC system speaks its own language, warning you in a variety of ways when a breakdown may be imminent. Once you understand this specialized system “vocabulary,” you’ll be better prepared to catch developing problems in their earlier stages and potentially save money on heating and air conditioning repairs. If you think your HVAC system may be trying to tell you something, don’t wait. Give Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning a call today at (912) 250-5771. Our specialists are standing by to schedule your heating or AC maintenance service or to promptly dispatch a technician to handle your air conditioning or furnace repair.