How We’re Different and More Responsive to Your Needs

HVAC Technician Working on Furnace, How We’re Different and More Responsive to Your Needs | Old Coast

Imagine your air conditioner dies in the dog days of summer, and you call your local contractor. The person at the other end of the phone doesn’t bother to gather any information – they dispatch a technician to your home and then the call ends. The technician arrives a couple hours later (or maybe the next day), and meanwhile you’ve been suffering in the heat. Because the support representative didn’t ask any questions, the tech is completely unprepared to address your issue in a quick and efficient manner!
You have to explain the issue to him, and it turns out he has the wrong parts. In fact, after he calls into the office, it turns out that the part has to be put on order and it’s going to be a week before your system can be fixed. Meanwhile, your family is miserable. When billing time comes around, you find that neither the technician nor the service representative advised you that there was a discounted diagnostic fee available and a special running on service calls. Now it’s too late to even use the offer.

High Quality Experiences with Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning

Here at Old Coast, you’ll never experience this frustration. Our team has an extensive script of questions designed to ensure you, our valued customer, receive the kind of optimal, high-quality experience that you should expect from the area’s premier provider of HVAC services.
We’ll determine whether you’re a new or existing customer, confirm your address, and thoroughly explore the issue with you. Unsatisfied with a simple explanation like, “My air conditioner doesn’t work,” our customer service representatives will inquire about the age of the system, who lives in your home, and exactly what type of problems you’re dealing with.

Priority-Based Scheduling and Great Communication Keeps Customers Happy

We use a priority-based scheduling system where the most urgent calls are answered first. We use several methods of communication to let you, the customer, know when it’s getting close to your turn so you aren’t sitting home waiting. You’ll receive a convenient text message letting you know when you’re next.
With Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning, you’re guaranteed an efficient service call where your technician arrives as prepared as possible to fix your problem on the spot. Give us a call for your heating and cooling repair needs.