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How to Keep Your Finished Basement Warm?

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If you spend time in the basement of your Hilton Head, SC, home, keeping the space as comfortable as possible can be a little tricky in the winter. Here are a few ways you can keep your finished basement warm this winter and some tips to ensure you’re able to enjoy every area of your home.

Why Are Finished Basements Hard to Heat?

Your basement can be colder than other areas of your home for several reasons. First, basements are typically damper than other rooms, which naturally lowers the temperature. Second, many basements — even finished ones — aren’t as well insulated as other rooms, resulting in heat loss. Finally, hot air rises and cold air sinks, so the way air moves means lower levels in your home will be colder than upper ones.

Install More Insulation

Adding extra insulation is the best way to keep your finished basement warm this winter. Insulation prevents hot air from escaping your basement, which makes the room more comfortable and may end up saving you more money on your energy bills, as your heating system won’t need to work as hard to maintain the temperature in your basement.

Add Carpeting

Installing carpet flooring is another way to make your basement feel warmer. Once your carpet is installed, you won’t have to walk on the cold tile or cement flooring commonly found in many basements. Only install carpet if your basement is thoroughly and always dry.

Tap Into Your Heating System

Some basements are cold because they don’t actually have a heating vent that delivers warm air. If your basement lacks a vent, installing one and tapping into the hot air in your ductwork can make this space a lot more comfortable. In a finished basement, you can also add a return vent to improve efficiency and comfort.
If you want your finished basement to stay warm all winter long, Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Call us today at 843-483-1804 or request service online so we can tell you which basement heating solution is right for your home.