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How Solar Can Benefit Your Budget and House

Piggy bank on top of a calculator on a wooden table top with loose change, How Solar Can Benefit Your Budget and House | Savannah, GA

Capturing energy emitted from the sun’s radiation, photovoltaic (PV) modules offer an eco-friendly way to save money on monthly utility bills. Commonly known as solar panels, they convert sunlight into electricity you can use to power everything from lighting to HVAC systems. They’re particularly effective in areas like Savannah, GA, where there’s an average of 214 sunny days each year. Thanks to technological advancements, tax incentives and utility company rebates, going solar is an economical option too!

Solar Solutions for Every Home

Solar panels are made up of PV cells constructed from semiconductor matter. To withstand the weather, they’re sandwiched between layers of protective materials. The power they generate is directed towards an inverter that converts it into household electricity. The most popular option is rooftop panels, but they can work in other areas of your property too. Whether installed on your roof or a sunny spot in your garden, the modular system adapts to any application, big or small.

Savings from the Sun

A residential PV array is an investment that rewards you with years of energy savings. Because the electricity the system generates is free, payback begins the moment the panels are installed. Solar panel costs have dropped dramatically in recent years, and tax credits and rebates help offset upfront expenses. The federal tax credit alone can cover up to 30 percent of the installation. Generous rebates from local utility companies add your savings.

Long-Term Benefits

Photovoltaic panels are built to last, providing you with 20 years or more of lower utility bills. You’ll enjoy the benefits of your sun-powered system when it comes time to sell your home too. A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that PV systems increase home value by around $15,000. Clean, green and sustainable, solar panels let you light up your home while decreasing your carbon footprint. That’s great for you, and it’s good for the planet too.

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