How Damaged Duct Work Can Affect the Comfort and Efficiency of Your Home

HVAC Air Intake Grate Open, How Duct Work Can Affect the Comfort & Efficiency of Your Home

Temperatures in Savannah, GA are often hot and humid, but there’s a definite cool-down in the fall and winter. Keeping your house comfortable year-round is important. If you are planning to invite friends over for the holiday season, you need to be sure your HVAC system is working efficiently. If you have noticed hot and cold zones, unpleasant smells, or an increase in breathing problems, your duct work may be to blame.

Hot and Cold Zones from Damaged Duct Work

Rooms in your house can be either too hot or too cold if your duct work is leaking or torn or if your registers aren’t sealed properly. Your home could be losing 20% to 40% of conditioned air, if the ducts aren’t sealed. Over time ducts can become loose and separate. When this happens, the air escapes into spaces in the wall or the basement.
Another problem occurs when registers and grills are not properly sealed. This allows air to escape from the ducts before reaching your living or bedrooms. If you have noticed an increase in your electric bills, you probably need to call our HVAC technicians to determine, if duct work is damaged.

Unpleasant Smells

If you find yourself lighting candles or spraying air fresheners frequently, you might have an issue with your HVAC unit and duct work. Sometimes moisture has built up in the duct and creates a problem inside the vents. Another unpleasant source of nasty smells could be rodents or insects. Duct cleaning may be necessary to eliminate smells.

Air Quality

Proper maintenance of your HVAC system will help with air quality. You can schedule preventative maintenance and we will send a professional to come out and check your system and duct work and change your filters. If you have pets or if someone in the home has allergies, you probably want to change filters every month. Making sure your duct work is clean will ensure the air being forced through is fresh.
If you notice your HVAC system is not as efficient as it should be, your duct work could be the problem. Contact Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning at 912-250-7903 or request service online, and one of our professional technicians will check your system and offer suggestions for repairs or replacement.