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How a New Heat Pump Is More Energy Efficient Than Ever

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If you live in Hilton Head, SC, a new heat pump could lower your heating and air conditioning costs by 15 to 40%. This impressive leap in performance is made possible by 2-stage compressors and variable speed motors that modulate according to real-time heating and cooling needs.

Multi-Stage Compressors

Enhanced compressor designs have produced dramatic gains in energy efficiency. Conventional single-stage models cycle on and off frequently, which causes temperature swings and spikes in energy use. Efficient 2-stage compressors run longer and at lower capacities to save energy and provide better temperature control. SEER ratings for these high-efficiency heat pumps range from 17 to 20, which makes them 30% more efficient than base models and 50% more efficient than systems installed 10 to 15 years ago.

Variable Speed Fan Motors in New Heat Pumps

Multispeed fan motors are designed to keep step with high-performance compressors. Midrange model heat pumps typically have two fan speeds, and fully variable systems provide fractional adjustments between 40 and 100%. Variable speed motors use substantially less energy. They’re quieter, and they provide more consistent comfort and better humidity control, which is an advantage in Hilton Head and cities along the coast.

Smart HVAC Controls

A communicating thermostat is the final piece of the puzzle. These algorithm-driven controls use real-time data to regulate the refrigerant flow, fan speed, and compressor output. In addition to optimizing the heat pump’s performance, this setup reduces mechanical wear and tear and provides increased durability. Smart thermostats can also interface with wireless temperature sensors and zoned air handling components to give you more control over your comfort and spending.
In addition to lowering your heating and cooling bills in the long run, variable-speed heat pump systems may qualify for utility rebates that provide upfront savings. If you’d like to learn more, check out our selection of Trane products online, or give us a call. You can reach Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning in Savannah at 912-250-7903 or by calling 843-483-1804 from Hilton Head.