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Homeowners’ DIY HVAC Maintenance To Stay Cool All Summer

Close up colorful tulips in tulip field, Homeowners’ DIY HVAC Maintenance To Stay Cool All Summer

Your air conditioner plays the major role in ensuring your home stays cool all summer long. With long, hot summers in Savannah, Georgia, you should be able to rely on your cooling system no matter what. Preventive maintenance allows you to preserve your HVAC equipment, allowing it to last longer, while you avoid expensive repairs. These DIY HVAC maintenance tips will help you better care for your AC unit and save money.

Replace Your HVAC Filters

HVAC filters help your system catch allergens such as dust and pollen to maintain a healthy indoor air quality in your home. However, when air filters get clogged or dirty, they can pollute your home with irritants that have accumulated. Plus, a clogged filter puts strain on your HVAC system as it runs. To keep your equipment efficient, check your filters every month, and replace them every 90 days. Your AC system will be able to run smoothly without any obstructions so you can keep cool all season long.

Clean Your HVAC Equipment

Your HVAC system needs to remain clean to perform optimally and keep your home safe. Vacuum and sweep any dust and dirt around your system to prevent a buildup of allergens in your home. Regularly clean moist areas of your AC unit such as the condensation line. Neglecting the condensation pipe can cause harmful mold and mildew to form over time, clogging the line. Keeping your equipment clean will ensure it can operate even on the hottest days of summer. Plus, you will keep your family protected from any illnesses, allergies, and asthma symptoms caused by mold and other irritants.
Taking care of your HVAC equipment will prevent costly replacements in the future. To learn more about caring for your air conditioner this summer call Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning at 912-250-7903 or request service online.