Here’s Why DIY Furnace Repair Is a Bad Idea


Being handy when it comes to home repairs and improvements can save you a lot of money. But attempting to repair the furnace of your Hilton Head, South Carolina, home is generally a bad idea. Here’s why DIY furnace repair should be left up to the professionals.

Fire Danger

If you attempt your own furnace repair and make a mistake, you can put your home and your family at risk of fire. Improperly installed components can leak gas, or misfire, and cause a fire or explosion in your home. The money you would have saved performing your own repairs is much less than what you’ll have to pay to replace your HVAC system and repair damages to your home. So, the safest and most budget-friendly way to go is to leave your furnace in the hands of a certified technician. In addition to making sure your furnace repairs are done correctly, a certified technician also keeps an eye out for problems you may have missed. Technicians are trained to check your whole system for gas line leaks, overheating, short circuits, etc., to make sure it’s running at its safest.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are a serious problem that can arise when you improperly repair your furnace. Poorly installed gas lines can leak this dangerous and sometimes deadly gas into your home, putting your family at risk. Make a habit out of testing and replacing the batteries of your carbon monoxide detectors. Still, this measure won’t guarantee your detectors will work efficiently. Fortunately, technicians are thoroughly trained to protect your home against carbon monoxide leaks to keep you and your family safe, making them the safest pairs of hands to repair your furnace.

Voided Warranties

If you try to repair a furnace that’s still covered by a warranty, you may void that warranty. More often than not, warranties require a certified technician to make repairs. If a repair that you can’t handle arises, the financial assistance you would have received through the warranty can be, and most likely will be, negated if a DIY repair is found by the HVAC technician.

Further Damages to Your Furnace

A furnace is a fine-tuned system. If you’re not very familiar with your furnace and all of its components and you attempt to repair it, you run the risk of causing further damage to your furnace and overall HVAC system. Also, if your HVAC repair temporarily fixes your furnace issue but causes problems in the future, you may leave your family without heat when they need it, and you will have to pay more to have your furnace repaired properly or replaced entirely.

Difficulty Selling Your House

Even if you’re competent enough to make repairs on a furnace, doing so may make it difficult to sell your house. Being able to show that your HVAC system has been regularly inspected and repaired by a certified HVAC technician is a great asset when you’re trying to prove to potential buyers that your home is in tip-top shape. Without an official declaration of your furnace’s health, home buyers will have to take your word that your home’s system is in working order until they get it inspected themselves.

Homeowner’s Insurance Problems

When you apply for or update your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may have to show that your furnace and HVAC system has been properly repaired and maintained. Performing DIY repairs on your furnace can create issues in your application process, driving up the prices of insurance or causing you to lose your insurance altogether. The money you saved by performing your own furnace repair will likely not be enough to cover the costs of these losses.

Even if your furnace repairs are successful and you have homeowner’s insurance, if your house catches fire, the fire department may ask for proof of HVAC inspections and repair. If you don’t have these because you performed your own repairs, your furnace may be suspect and cause problems with your fire insurance. If you think your furnace needs repair, give our team of certified technicians at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Leave the furnace repair to those who know your system inside and out.