Don’t Neglect Your Commercial HVAC System

An HVAC Technician giving the thumbs up during maintenance, Don’t Neglect Your Commercial HVAC System | AC, Furnace, Pooler, GA

If you own a business in Pooler, Georgia, it’s imperative that you keep your commercial HVAC system in top condition. Having a well-maintained system will keep your workers healthy, keep your customers comfortable, and help reduce operating costs. Let’s look at how regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system will save your business money and keep your employees and customers happy.

Your System Will Operate Efficiently

With regular maintenance, your commercial HVAC system will run smoother and more efficiently. When the air filters are routinely cleaned, parts repaired, ductwork cleaned, and systems are properly tuned and calibrated, your heating and air conditioner will perform at peak capacity. You can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, lower energy bills, and reduce repair costs with regular maintenance. In addition, most HVAC manufacturers require proof of maintenance by a licensed commercial HVAC contractor to keep the warranty valid. Regular servicing will keep the warranty from being voided.

Employees and Customers Will Be Comfortable

Employee work productivity increases when the temperature of their workspace is at a comfortable temperature. In addition, when the indoor air quality inside of the office is healthy due to clean air filters and ductwork, employee absenteeism diminishes. If your commercial establishment is set at the perfect temperature, your customers will linger longer. This will help boost business profitability. Investing in a maintenance plan will also help ensure that your system is regularly inspected so that it continues to run efficiently.

Reduce the Risks of Gas Leaks

With regular scheduled maintenance and inspection, our trained technician will clean the combustion chamber of the furnace and check that there are no leaks in the gas lines. If the combustion process isn’t thorough and the vent flue is clogged, carbon monoxide gas is released and can enter the building. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and toxic. Prevent this extremely harmful gas from reaching your employees and customers by investing in regular maintenance.
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