Does the HVAC System Pull In Air From Outside?

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Have you ever wondered how your HVAC unit works? You know it produces heat and cooled air, but where does the air come from and how does the HVAC unit know to heat or cool it? Understanding how the HVAC system works can give you a better understanding of how to maintain optimal energy efficiency in your Hilton Head, South Carolina, home.

Understanding a Heating and Cooling System

Although part of a split HVAC system is located outdoors, it doesn’t use outdoor air to heat and cool the home. Typically, there is a unit that produces cool air and a furnace that produces warm air. The air conditioner unit is often placed outside of the home and contains a condenser coil and a compressor. Inside the home is an evaporator coil that is connected to the furnace. To produce cooled air, a compressor pumps refrigerant.

How Does the System Provide Cool Air?

To keep your home cool during the warmer months, the indoor evaporator coils on the unit will transfer heat energy to the coils. These coils have refrigerant in them, which then cools the air. The refrigerant flows through tubing back to the compressor and the cooling air process starts again. During the process, there is much heat absorbed by the refrigerant, which is blown outside of the home.

How Does the System Provide Hot Air?

Your furnace has burners on it that generate combustion gases. These gases pass through to the heat exchanger. As air flows over them, it is warmed and then flows through air ducts to the different rooms in your home.

Does the Furnace and Air Conditioner Work Together?

Even during the warmer seasons when you are in need of cool air, the heating system will work together with your air conditioning unit to produce cool air. The air circulating fan is usually attached to the air conditioner’s cooling unit. They work in tandem to keep your home cool.
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