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Solar panels will help reduce the monthly energy bill in your Savannah, Georgia, home. While people typically begin thinking about installing solar panels before the summer months, you may want to think about installing them during the winter. Below are three reasons why winter solar panel installation is advantageous.

Solar Energy Is More Efficient During Winter

Although you likely think of summer when you think of sunshine, the winter months bring plenty of sunshine, as well. Although the days are shorter in winter, your a solar installation will still benefit from these cold days because there will be less resistance. Solar panels are semiconductors and the cold air makes them more efficient at turning the sun’s energy into electricity for your home.

You Can Have Solar Panels Installed More Quickly During Winter

Winter is a slow season for installations. When summer hits, more people will rush to add these panels to their homes. Since solar panel companies are booked for so many jobs during the summer, that will delay your own project. To ensure a faster process from the time you sign the contract, you should schedule your solar panel installation for the winter.

You Can Enjoy Early Savings on Your Energy Bills

After you have solar panels installed in your home, you will eventually start saving money on energy costs. Winter months require more heat, which adds up on your bill. Installation does take time and they have an upfront cost, but if you have solar panels installed during the winter, you will see those savings before the next summer. The sooner you have your these panels installed, the more quickly you’ll begin enjoying the savings that come along with it.

Don’t wait for the summer months to get solar panels. Start saving early by booking one of our professionals at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning to install your panels this winter. Give us a call at 912-250-5771 today.

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