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If a power surge ruins your Espresso machine, or even your microwave, it’s typically no big deal to replace it. If a power surge zaps your air conditioning system, however, you’re talking about a costly expense to repair or replace your damaged AC unit. A whole-house surge protector from Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning absorbs the extra voltage stemming from lightning, faulty wiring, power outages, and electrical surges, channeling it into the ground rather than into your AC system.

The Effects of Lightning on Your AC Unit

Thunderstorms can cause severe voltage spikes and damage your compressor and fan motor. With a massive power surge, the damage might be immediate; in other situations, it might take several months before a damaged compressor goes on the fritz. Either way, this damage is not covered by Trane’s warranty. In the Savannah area, a compressor replacement runs between $1,300 and $1,800. With the potential of such an expensive repair looming on the horizon, surge protection is practical as well as economical.

Keeping Your AC Safe from Power Surges

Although you cannot prevent power surges, you can put protective measures in place to safeguard your AC system. The best precaution when a thunderstorm hits is to turn off your air conditioning, during the peak of the storm. But what about those times when a storm pops up unexpectedly while you’re away, or when the electric company creates a surge while working on power lines? In those situations, a whole-house surge protector offers security from damaged AC. Round-the-clock surge protection means you can rest easy knowing that your AC system has a built-in safeguard for whenever a power disturbance strikes.

Why take a chance on damaged AC from lightning and other electrical surges when a simple solution is only a phone call away? With our surge protector special, you’ll have the assurance your system is protected when thunderstorms strike. Only $495 installed. Normally $695. Call 912-250-5771 today to learn more.

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