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Low indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, home can reduce your HVAC system’s airflow and increase your utility bills. It could also lead to inconvenient, expensive breakdowns and shorten your system’s life. If you notice any of these three signs of poor IAQ, consider having a trusted professional inspect your system.

Health Problems

If you or your family members tend to feel ill when you’re at home, contaminants like pet dander, pollen, or dust mites could be causing health issues. You could notice increased asthma or allergy symptoms, rashes, sore throats, fatigue, headaches, and other problems.

Make sure you’re regularly checking your HVAC system’s air filter and changing it if it looks dirty. You should also have your ductwork cleaned by an expert if you haven’t done it recently. An HVAC professional can also inspect your system to see if you have other issues, like a malfunctioning fan.

Unpleasant Smells

A stale or musty smell in your home could indicate biological growth. But that isn’t the only source of smells. You could also notice odors from pesticides or even rotting pests in your ductwork. Clean your house regularly, and use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms to remove smells and humidity.

Excessive Dust

Dust is made up of many contaminants, and it can accumulate inside your ductwork, on your air registers, and on your floors and furniture. If you see more dust than normal, you might need to change your air filters. Leaks in your home’s insulation or your ductwork could also be a culprit of excessive dust. Adding an air purifier can supplement your system’s air filter to remove pollutants and increase your IAQ.

Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning is a Trane Comfort Specialist. We can help you improve your indoor air quality and keep your family comfortable with a variety of heating, cooling, and IAQ equipment. For 100-percent satisfaction and cost-effective, practical solutions from our technicians, call us anytime at 912-250-5771.

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