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In many aspects of life, good things take time. You can also apply this wise advice to making your Savannah, Georgia, home more comfortable. It may take some time to form healthy home-care habits, but the increased comfort you’ll notice in your home is definitely worth it. Keep reading to learn about four HVAC habits that will increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and consequently your home’s overall comfort.

Regularly Change the HVAC Air Filter

Your HVAC system’s air filter does more for your home’s comfort than you might think. First, the purpose of the air filter is to remove dirty air particles from your home’s indoor air. Since the air in your home circulates through the HVAC system again and again, your indoor air quality greatly depends on the effectiveness of your air filter. If the air filter is getting full, it won’t be able to catch those dirty air particles as the air circulates through the system. Therefore, dirt and dust will continue to float in your home’s air, potentially causing respiratory irritation.

Second, a full air filter can also reduce your HVAC system’s air flow. If less air than usual is being circulated through the system, your system will have to work longer to reach your home’s desired indoor temperature, thus reducing your home’s comfort. An overworked system also doesn’t function efficiently and uses more energy. However, regularly changing your filter every couple months, or more frequently if you have pets, will keep your system working efficiently, your air quality healthy, and your home comfortable.

Check for Air Leaks

Another way to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and home’s overall comfort is by checking for air leaks. You’ll generally find the most air leaks around your windows and doors, but sometimes your air ducts have leaks too. Air loss through your windows, doors, or air ducts means that the conditioned or heated air your HVAC system worked so hard to produce slowly leaks outside or into unconditioned spaces of your home, like the attic. This air loss prevents you from maintaining your desired indoor temperature, and your HVAC system will work overtime to make up for what it’s losing.

You can easily seal up areas of air loss by adding caulk around your windows, installing weatherstripping or a door sweep to each of your outside doors, or having your air ducts professionally sealed. If your home has a fireplace, be sure to close the damper after the fireplace has cooled to reduce air loss through the chimney.

Regularly Clean Your Home

A habit you may already have that actually helps your HVAC system’s efficiency is regular home cleaning. Keeping your home free of clutter improves airflow, which helps your HVAC system to reach your desired indoor temperature easier, thus improving efficiency. You’ll also want to remove any furniture blocking air registers to further improve airflow and efficiency.

Dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the surfaces in your home reduces the amount of dust and other dirty air particles in your air. Less dust in your air will help your air filter keep your home’s air quality clean, further increasing indoor comfort by helping your family stay healthy and happy.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance in the Off Season

Another excellent HVAC habit is scheduling off-season preventive maintenance. Our HVAC technicians are trained to check all parts of your system to make sure they’re working properly. If there’s an issue with a part in your system, you can get it repaired without losing the functionality of your system. Off-season inspections and repairs will likely prevent an emergency repair or system breakdown when you need your air conditioning or heating most. Therefore, having your HVAC system regularly inspected will keep your system working smoothly and efficiently and help your home stay comfortable year-round.

Take the time to change your air filter, seal air leaks, clean your home, and schedule HVAC maintenance. You’ll appreciate the additional comfort and energy savings that come from making these tasks regular habits. Call Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning today at 912-250-5771 to schedule maintenance that will improve your home’s comfort.

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