6 Factors That Impact Home Office Productivity


Your Hilton Head, South Carolina, home office’s attributes can either lessen or improve your productivity. Ask yourself these six questions to discover how you can improve your performance while working from home.

How Quiet Is Your Office Space?

You want to achieve more on the job by having more control over potential sources of environmental stress. While noisy colleagues might distract you in an open office space, your home could provide its own sources of distraction if you aren’t careful. Let your family members know your work hours haven’t changed just because you don’t have a commute in the morning. Also, have your home’s HVAC maintained to avoid distractions from a system that cycles on and off too frequently, blows loudly, or emits unexplained noise.

Do You Decorate, Organize, and Clean Your Home Office?

If you have the time to personally design your home office, do so, as this will maximize the stress reduction you want to have by working at home. Paint and decorate your office in colors that make you feel alert and refreshed. Keep the space work-focused. After the initial setup, clean up and touch up the room every day to ensure that organization is a part of your constant routine. Remember that repetition can make an otherwise tedious or challenging task easier when it is tied to a goal you value deeply, like the liberation of working from home.

Does Your Home Office Have a Great Thermostat?

While individual comfort points can differ, the University of Berkeley studies show that on average, an office temperature of 71 degrees keeps us most productive at work. Excessively high humidity can worsen respiratory illnesses, so the EPA recommends keeping home humidity levels under 60%. Thermostats might seem like they could run forever on their own, but like watches, they need adjustment periodically. Cleaning your thermostat, changing the batteries if they have them, checking the wiring, and even adjusting the cycles can help it deliver the comfort you need in your home office. A newer thermostat may not use batteries. Programmable smart thermostats even come with apps that let you specialize temperatures and settings away from home.

Are You Breathing Fresh Air?

You should schedule short breaks in your workday to stand, stretch, and breathe fresh air. Good ventilation means better health, which can lead to better productivity. Your home office should have a window preferably, and plants. Also, make sure that your HVAC system is not blowing dust into the air and that you have plenty of air circulating into your home office space. Keep your vents open and let outside air in through the windows when it’s mild and sunny outside. You can use air purifiers or newer home HVAC systems to improve air circulation and air quality in your home office.

Do You Follow Your Morning Routine?

Routines help us achieve more without having to rely on willpower. Let the muscle memory of your old routine help boost your productivity at home. If you used to get up early, shower, and put on a suit or blouse before hopping in the car for work, you can harness aspects of that old routine to keep you on track as you transition to working from home. Your professional look when you step into the office will help you keep the office itself, and the work you achieve in it, at the top level.

Are You Maintaining Your Home HVAC?

In your home, maintaining your HVAC to standards that boost your comfort and productivity can help keep you and your family healthy. See what kind of HVAC filter works best with your home’s design to allow for air circulation while also removing allergens and pollutants. Make sure your system doesn’t have leaks or dust buildup in the ducts that could leave you fatigued or out on a sick day. When you’re ready to maximize your productivity and health while working in your Hilton Head home, Old Coast Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We can perform seasonal maintenance on your existing HVAC to keep it clean and efficient, and we can help you to further boost air quality with air purifiers and smart thermostats. Call us today at 843-352-4745 to discover your maintenance plan options.