3 HVAC Problems That Can Reduce the Comfort in Your Home

A hand controlling a thermostat, 3 HVAC Problems That Can Reduce the Comfort in Your Home

Even with a well-maintained HVAC system in your Savannah, Georgia, home, HVAC problems can and do occur. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can ruin the comfort of your home. If you’re experiencing issues with temperature control or irregular HVAC cycling in your home, you may be dealing with one of the following HVAC problems.

HVAC Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks not only cause problems with comfort, but they can also lead to dangerous situations if left unaddressed. Even slow leaks will lead to drops in your refrigerant levels, which can lower your system’s ability to cool the home. If you notice that your home isn’t getting cool air like it used to, or you hear hissing noises coming from your unit, contact an HVAC technician to inspect the problem right away.

A Failed Capacitor

The capacitor assists the motors to power the compressor in your system by sending electric jolts to activate it. If your capacitor fails, the fans will no longer work, you will notice weakened airflow, and the air won’t be cooling as it should. Your system may still be working even with a damaged capacitor, but it will be functioning extremely inefficiently, and you likely won’t be able to reach a comfortable temperature in your home.

Thermostat Malfunctions

If your thermostat malfunctions, or it’s poorly placed, it may not trigger your system to turn on or off when it needs to. The first thing to check for if you suspect your thermostat is the problem is its settings. Refer to your manual to ensure you have programmed the thermostat properly. Also, check the positioning of your thermostat to make sure that it’s not in direct sunlight. It also shouldn’t be where the temperature in your house may be higher or lower than normal. If your thermostat is old, you may simply need a replacement.
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