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3 Features You Want in Your Smart Thermostat

Hispanic woman adjusts thermostat with smart phone, 3 Features You Want in Your Smart Thermostat | HVAC, in Savannah, GA

With all the smart technology available today, it’s a no-brainer to include a smart thermostat in your home. Smart thermostats are convenient, easy to use, and energy-efficient, making them an ideal addition to your Savannah, Georgia, home. Below are three particularly handy features you should look for in a smart thermostat.

Home Automation

Having a home automation system can make your life so much easier. The systems, such as your thermostat, lights, and locks, work together to create a comfortable and safe environment in your home. By choosing a smart thermostat that works with other devices, you can create schedules and profiles, so the air conditioning or heat is on when you get home from work, as well as your lights and more.

Remote Access

By choosing a smart thermostat with remote access, you’ll be able to control the temperature from your smartphone or computer. This is convenient because it means that you can adjust the temperature of your home from afar if you are running late from work or heading home after a long vacation. If you have pets at home and the weather suddenly changes drastically, you can easily crank up the heat or air conditioning to accommodate your pets and account for the temperature changes.

Color Touchscreen

We are now conditioned to look at screens that are in full color. Not only are our smartphone screens in color, but our touch screens in vehicles are as well. A color touch screen is easier to see and use during both daylight and nighttime hours. Additionally, a color screen looks better in most homes as it keeps up with modern styles.
Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is easy with a smart thermostat. The professionals at Old Coast Heating & Air Conditioning can evaluate your home and install a whole-home system that will help you save energy and keep your home as smart as possible. Call us today to learn more about our HVAC services.