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Solar Panels

We utilize only the best Solar panels and inverters the industry offers. We offer custom solar solutions tailored to your energy goals. Solar panels are for anyone seeking the ultimate in home energy systems combined with the best in home efficiency and comfort. Call us immediately at (912) 232-6586 to set your free appointment to see if sun source is right for you. We have flexible financing options and help make solar power a affordable reality for our customers.

Why Use Solar Panels?

​When you use solar energy for your home, not only are you decreasing your carbon footprint, you are reducing the cost of your electric bill and increasing your home’s value in Savannah, GA. Putting solar panels on your home is likely to save you tens of thousands of dollars over a 20 year period.

Added Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home

Not only does installing Solar Panels for your home decrease your energy bill every month, solar energy also provides energy security and independence for you and your family. Besides there never being a monopoly on the sun and the amount of energy you can harness, that solar energy that you harness is all yours to use.

How Can Solar Panels Increase Your Property Value in Savannah, GA?

Sunny climates like Savannah, GA are a perfect fit for Solar Panels. The investment that you are making in your home by installing solar panels is one of the wisest choices you can make. While you are enjoying electricity bill savings and prices for traditional electricity are rising, if you ever decide to sell your home, it would produce a higher premium. Having solar panels installed on your roof not only helps sell your home for more, it can help you sell your home 20% faster.
To get your Solar Panels installed, call Old Coast Heating and Air Conditioning in Savannah, GA!

Rooftop Solar Panels

They know more about heat pump systems than anyone I have ever talked to. They were able to show us problems with our existing duct work that caused us mold problems, talked to us about comfort and added returns to make our home more comfortable. They were also able to get us into a high efficiency system with a single heat pump using four zones. Add to that the four solar panels we now have on our roof and we are much more efficient. The best part? With rebates and tax credits it was cheaper than our old contractor was going to charge us for an inferior system. They are awesome.

Stuart T. of Savannah, GA , Install or Replace a Heat Pump

Old Coast installed a complete A/C and Heating System to include all new ducting for air/heat distribution. They also installed the NEW SOLAR PANELS as a part of the new system. This was a first for my neighborhood, so the installation of the solar panels had to meet the homeowners association requirements. Zach and William made every effort to complied with those requirements.

Old Coast did the installation without any problems from start to finish. They kept me advised as to what was going on throughout the entire installation. They reconfigured the ducting as needed to improve air flow throughout the house because of high ceilings in many of the rooms. Zach and William made sure that the small details such as routing of the duct, lines and wiring was routed in the most efficient way, and that it was orderly. With my concurrence, they have before and after pictures of the installation on their web site.

Prior to finding Old Coast, I had a bad experience with another A/C Company, so it was like a breath of fresh air talking with William from Old Coast. He made me believe that there was still people out there that truly take pride in what they do, and share the concerns of the customer. Since both of my systems were out, Old Coast provided me with a portable Room Air Conditioner to use until the new install was complete.

It was a pleasure working with Zach and William, If they do not change their approach to dealing with people and continue to provide the kind of service they provided me, I believe they will be very successful in this business.
Yes, I would highly recommend OLD COAST HEATING AND AIR.

Earl Seabrooks of Savannah, GA, Full HVAC Install with Solar Panels

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